Welcome to our page, our mission, along with passionate RC pilots is to #KeepRCHelisAlive and introduce new pilots to this amazing hobby of ours.

We are a family of pilots consisting of Pros, Amateurs, and Noobs. We promote the hobby in a positive way. We welcome anyone to join us in flight. We don’t care what your skill level is. We are Team Ninja!

…oh, and we create wraps for your radios 🙂

We provide the best custom vinyl services to all of our customers. Our goal is to make your radio look good AND enjoy the hobby!

We are dedicated to helping our customers in achieving the most extreme look for all your radios and chargers, you’ll have no worries! We also keep up with the latest styles. One of our main priorities is to always listen to the customer’s concerns. You’ll have an awesome experience once you see how we transform you stock hobby parts and you’ll be pleased with the end results. Guaranteed!