Thanks for visiting our graphix section. Let me first start off by saying that we are not a company or a business, My son, Travis (Lil' Ninja), decided to put my old vinyl equipment to good use.

We started out by making Pilot Names for local flyers to put on their Helis, next thing you know we're making almost anything you can think of for decals. The donations we receive for the vinyl, help cover Little Ninja's Heli parts and kits. Along the way we've met a bunch of very cool people who we are proud to call our friends!

Please remember, we aren't a company. Between my job, Travis' school, and the fact that we love to fly, if you don't mind waiting, we don't mind creating graphix for you.

Currently Available Wraps:

Spektrum DX6i, DX7s, DX8, & DX9, DX18
Futaba 14sg, 8fg super, & T10J
iCharger 3010 & 4010duo
Power Lab 8 & Dual

More radios and chargers are added as people send in or hand me the item to wrap, which then becomes a template, so if you don't see your radio or charger on the list, contact us to arrange an appointment to make a wrap.

3 ways to contact us; you can fill the form out in "Contact Us", or you can click the "Facebook" icon at the bottom of this page and leave a PM, or you can click on the "Forum" link and leave a message in the "Ninja Orders Only" section.